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DAIISTAR is an Alt-Indie band formed in Austin, Texas in the spring of 2020. The band takes their inspiration from the neo-psychedelic era of the 80s and 90s (The Jesus and Mary Chain, Spacemen 3, Primal Scream) and pulls it into the future with modulating synthesizers, heavy guitars, bouncing bass lines, and spiraling hooks, creating a narcotic blend of noise and melody. DAIISTAR recorded their first studio album produced by Alex Maas of The Black Angels and engineered by James Petralli of White Denim in the summer of 2021. The band signed to UK based label Fuzz Club Records with their debut album GOOD TIME released on September 8th 2023. The album is available on vinyl including a Levitation Exclusive Edition pressing, as well as CD and digital. DAIISTAR has performed at SXSW, Levitation Austin, Levitation France, Austin Psych Fest, Barcelona Psych Fest, KEXP, KUTX and has toured with The Black Angels, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, and The Dandy Warhols. On May 10th 2024 DAIISTAR released a 7" 45rpm Limited Pressing of their single "Clear" Backed by Spacemen 3 co-founder Peter Kember aka SONIC BOOM's remix of the ‘Good Time’ album track "Velvet Reality" on the B-side.


  • DAIISTAR has performed at SXSW, Levitation Austin, Levitation France, Treefort Music Fest, Daze In the City (Desert Daze), Austin Psych Fest, Barcelona Psych Fest, Fuzz Club Fest Eindhoven, Freakout Fest Seattle.

  • Tour support for The Black Angels and Dandy Warhols

  • Tour Support for The Brian Jonestown Massacre 

  • Good Time Tour EU/UK 2024


  • Performances at ACL, Desert Daze, Manchester Psych Fest, Edinburgh Psych fest, Brighton Psych Fest, Freakout Fest, KEXP Festival



  • KEXP in studio performance

  • KUTX artist of the month - "The Rapid Ascent of DAIISTAR

  • "If the recent AI-generated Oasis album wasn’t quite cutting it for you, Daiistar is here to save the day. Fusing the sound and attitude of classic brit-pop with contemporary indie rock, their debut single “Tracemaker” is a true-blue, blood-pumping, raucous rock song fit for Liam Gallagher himself."

                                                                                   - Consequence Of Sound 

  • "Entre Oasis, Ty Segall et le Brian Jonestown Massacre, il y a DAIISTAR"  

                                                                                                            - GONZAI

  • "The structure of “Repeater” is simple, minimalist, undeniably pure — but at the same time, it’s humongous and enchanting."

                                                                                    - Consequence Of Sound​

  • Shortly before Spiritualized, the main stage is taken over by Austinites DAIISTAR. With his shades and J Spaceman-esque haircut, frontman Alex Capistran channels the inspiration from the late 80s British indie scene. While, overall, their sound conjures up the Bummed-era Happy Mondays, there is an undeniable presence of Spacemen 3.

- Under The Radar


  • Good Time’ released September 8th 2023 on UK label Fuzz Club Records

  • Available on Levitation Exclusive pressing

  • #23 on the North American College and Community Radio Top 200 Chart


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